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All About Facebook Groups Functions

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Facebook provides a very advanced system for managing the participation or the creation in specific groups of people united by common interests. Taking up the first sections of this guide, we can say that in addition to the personal network of Facebook “horizontal” and can participate in a series of sub groups which, although not composed only friends but also and above all, by unknown, it should be considered very similar to the classic community of interest, those that we have defined as “vertical”.

Tools for managing our participation, stay up to date on what is happening inside a group, create new ones or to tap existing very well developed and it is not difficult to familiarize yourself with this system.

Joining a Facebook group

To access the group management just click the Applications menu (button at the bottom left of the page) homonym application. On the main page we see the group information is summarized by us or created where we registered, and those relating to our contacts.

The search for a group that wishes to enroll can be done in several ways. Besides making us be inspired by groups that are already members of our contacts, we can in fact be to browse the catalog of groups present, either search by keyword in the search Facebook generation then click the Groups tab. Trying, by definition, we can identify a number of groups to which we would like to know more details.

Clicking on the name of the group and we will find a description of additional information that will help us understand if it really is our interest. To subscribe just click on Subscribe to this group.

Browse archives directly from groups dedicated to the management groups (Menu path Applications / Groups / Browse Groups), allows you to browse the catalog of groups already based on other people based on issues of common interest. In this case the drop down menu and the various major categories shown on the right of the page with a few clicks allow you to highlight a list of groups you might like.

Before you join a group you should look at the type of communications that are exchanged by members already active. To do this you can visit the page describing the group and click on View discussion boards, links leading to a sort of online forum where members of the group communicate and discuss hot topics.

Create a Facebook group

For those not satisfied despite vast range of existing groups, creating a new group is fast and simple. It begins with a click Create a new group on the page

Complete the online form with all information to be viewed by other members of Facebook. The moment we decide to create a group acquires the rights of directors, after completing the basic information we have access to the configuration page of participation rights to the group. In particular, we have to decide whether the group will be visible to all, only to our contacts, or anyone except those directly invited by us.

As we can see the level of customization is very high, so much so that we can not only choose who participates in the group but who can administer and with what level of control. These features allow you to create micro-network of friends that are very useful to limit communication only to people who are genuinely interested.

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