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The Most Useful Facebook E-Commerce Apps

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There is no doubt that Facebook has stated in recent years, as well as a platform to entertain social relations with friends and acquaintances, even as a powerful marketing tool to promote their applications, websites, products, etc. There are several Facebook applications and do not pay, let’s see some.

Payvment E-Commerce Storefront

Perhaps the best free solution to create a true e-commerce on your Fan Page! The purchase is made through the application with shopping cart and checkout system with payment via PayPal.

Highly customizable, allows you to manage categories, products and orders. Interesting is the possibility of discounts to those who became fans of the page.

Everything is totally free; you should not pay any commission or percentage. It is available in many languages.

Payvment’s E-Commerce Storefront is just one of many applications that are on Facebook and allows you to create a real online store on the popular social network.

This application comes complete with all the tools for the purpose, including an administration area to manage the store very easily and the products directly from Facebook.

Pavyment (currently in English unfortunately) it interfaces with PayPal to handle secure payments and is completely free to use: create categories of your products, upload photographs, provided the terms of sale, shipping costs, and offer discounts much much more.

Why choose Pavyment for creating an ecommerce site with Facebook integration?

The real advantage of this application is obvious: once your store can integrate it into a page and invite all your friends to visit (so you have more friends the better) or alternatively you can promote it through a listing fee. This does not mean that you should run a parallel site on any platform as Open cart or Magento.

One of the most interesting features of Pavyment is that your online store is integrated with all the other stores in the network, so if a user puts a product in your shopping cart, store and although change will finalize a purchase will find it in the list of objects from pay.

We believe that this application constitutes an excellent opportunity for that runs a business selling online especially since Facebook is a very crowded place and a place to exchange the information in this case on your products, very fast.

To start your own online store visit:


This Application fee allows you to insert a Tab with the products of your e-commerce, taking them directly to feed. There will then need to enter them one by one.

Unlike the previous app, adding to the cart and payment not made on Facebook by clicking on a product, you will be sent to the file on your site.

Storefront respective

Much like the previous one: it lets you import products through feed and manage the categories. Each product links directly to the card of your ecommerce.


Ecwid is free software to integrate an ecommerce on your site. With this app you can put a tab on your page with the entire ecommerce, complete with shopping cart and checkout.

BigCommerce SocialShop

With this application, those who use the platform to pay BigCommerce may insert a tab on your page, showing all products for sale.

Tips for Increasing Visibility on Facebook

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When you publish something on your Facebook page or on your personal profile, it will be visible only to a small part of your social sphere, which will see it in their News Feeds.

About 95% of your contacts or your fans will not see anything, thanks to an algorithm, called Facebook Edge Rank. Every minute on Facebook are inserted around 694 000 posts and it’s really hard to say that we are there too.

Edge Rank Service

This service was introduced in April 2010 to F8 Developer Conference.  In practice, Edge Rank takes into consideration certain factors to determine whether the message deserves to appear in the flow of your friends or your fans, in relation to another message, posted by another person in connection with the same contact or your fans.

Facebook tries to provide content that is consistent and relevant, relying on three elements:

  • affinity with each member of the social sphere
  • the weight of the interactions
  • a time factor related publications

Although seemingly simple, the system has different weights and is certainly more complex.

Would it be worth paying attention, identifying certain practices that can improve the presence and distribution of content.

1) Look for the interaction with others

If Edge Rank is based on the interactions you have with the other participants in your community, try to have a high number of responses to your publications. Get something and try to get answers, you need to have more opportunities to be visible, whether you Like or a comment. Consider also that people are on Facebook in a state of relaxation, and answer is always an effort.

2) Changing interests and publications

Specific topics content with a very niche subject and the variety of topics collects a larger number of participants. It’s about finding the right balance between different sources of information. Certainly not the “brief remarks about the universe”, but to propose topics that arouse interest and that they come from good sources.

3) Be regular exposure

The relationship with your consumers is measured over a period of time. If you keep a steady pace of publications, may be useful to vary the themes in the light of day, as it might be helpful to sort them into categories. The key is the regularity that is different from the routine. And the rule should be: to prefer high-quality content.

4) Promoting the Facebook page

It is strange that there are still companies that do not promote their Facebook page, not mentioning in their site, do not put it in the newsletter. It is not difficult, and Facebook offers many tools, customizable and easily configured.

5) Going for quality instead of quantity

The question might be whether the visibility depends on the number of interactions; the best solution is then published in a massive way? Not exactly.

Give importance to quality means not annoy the consumer. May publish massively saturation and can produce negative effects. The goal is always to publish the right message, in the right place at the exact moment. Too many publications is the primary cause of abandonment of the business page from fans.

6) To be reactive and respond to issues and questions

Animating a community is the expression that makes it a good idea of ​​what should be done. It is a job and an opportunity, but it should be cultured and well managed. The goal is to build a fluid and consistent, to have a good user experience.

7) Choose and change the media

The maximum results with minimal effort it is when you vary the content and means. A link, a video, a group of three photos. The main enemy is the routine and custom. Every now and surprise your community.

8) Do not limit your content

In order to maintain a steady pace, a good consistency and effective content, you also appeal to the content on other pages giving a collaborative space. In this way you do not have continuity in the publication, but also build different notes of the ordinary.

You can have an appreciation of your fans, but you could also work to build meaningful relationships with other companies.

9) Consider the campaigns on Facebook Ads

If people are up for Facebook to relax, enjoy and share their social sphere, it would be good to make best use of these forces combine to produce good posts and the natural growth of the page with the intervention in Facebook Ads.

Applications for Hardcore Facebook Gamers

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Facebook developers continue to present new and interesting game applications. And this is our sacred duty to review the best games which have been released recently.

Little Cave Hero

Little Cave Hero is a classic arcade game mixed with RPG-style “treasure hunt”.

You’ll be the hero of a village with the task of carrying out various tasks to earn money and supplies you’ll need to explore different mines. Occasionally you will be helped by an elderly man and possibly get a little creature called Lunch.

The story is very simple, but the game is full of characters. The old man is funny, if it comes up with quirky dialogue and details. This game is very similar to other treasure hunt: you have to explore a cave after another. But the main objective of this social game is to find certain caskets or the like.

You have to face various obstacles and monsters and to do that you need certain tools. Reached the destination, you will be rated and rewarded according to your performance. You can also go back and re-explore the place to find all the goodies you missed last time.

The money you earn will be invested in the construction of your city. There, each building will have a specific purpose: the farm, for example, produces food for your population. E ‘can, of course, visit the city of your friends and earn a bonus.

The style of this game is very retro, with a pixelated graphics that is reminiscent of the old Super Nintendo games, with music by “old school”.

NBA Dynasty

Let’s go back to talking about games from the world of Facebook ball sliced ​​overseas … now it’s up to NBA Dynasty, a social game released shortly after the NBA Legend. Now the question is: “which of the two games is better?” The answer is .. Depends! Legend and Dynasty are two completely different games, even if sharing the same sport.

If you want to create and customize your superstar you have to bet on NBA Legend. But for basketball fans, those who want to manage a team of legends and love to investigate the statistics of players, I recommend Dynasty.

Like most sports games on Facebook, do not play basketball in person. You hand the role of the manager and sometimes the coach. You must create a team, play and earn money to improve your athletes. In addition to increasing the talent of the team, you will also need to expand and upgrade the arena.

The main objective is to create the best team possible. Not only can you buy real players, but you can improve your team with NBA legends old. There is a huge database of players to choose from, although, strangely, Michael Jordan is currently unavailable. The most interesting thing is that you can use multiple versions of the same player.

NBA Dynasty allows you to create your dream team. The fact that you can work with players like Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing or is incredibly exciting. The only flaw is that to be the best version of your favorite player have to spend the real coins.

What makes it really exciting NBA Dynasty is that it lacks the energy bar. You will not be in any way limited in the number of matches and you can play as much as you like.

This game looks like virtually every other sport on Facebook. But if we look at the wide variety of players and the lack of restrictions of energy, it turns out that in reality is something substantially different. Who will get in this game are the most obsessed fans willing to spend hours and hours trying to create the best team. And those fans will not be disappointed. Try clicking the screen of the game is over.

Uploading Tools for Facebook

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For your consideration we offer few uploading tools and applications for uploading files to Facebook in easier way than a default uploader feature offers. Consider all pros and cons of the following Facebook tools for uploading.

Nautilus Facebook Uploader

Nautilus Facebook Uploader is a script for Nautilus that makes up for Facebook to upload a photo or photos/images at once from your desktop, comfortably.

If you have a Facebook account to keep in touch with friends and probably make you a new load pictures and photos on it, some do charge a lot and always new, and if your case if you use Ubuntu Linux with Nautilus Facebook Uploader charges in a click.

In fact, in a nutshell Facebook Uploader Nautilus or Nautilus FUploader once you download the archive, unpacked and installed just after running the file, after you select one or more image / photo, you press the right mouse button, you enter in the script and select “Upload to Facebook”, the script after you use the Nautilus FUploader in Facebook application allows you to upload to Facebook, shouts or in any album photos/images.

To put it bluntly Nautilus Facebook Uploader allows you to:

  • Upload photos to Facebook attendees;
  • Upload in an album;
  • Create a photo album/image.

I say finally that even Facebook Uploader Nautilus is designed for Ubuntu and can be installed on it or with only minor changes using Nautilus file manager, as you can see from the screenshot that I made to the script in action on Slackware, by double clicking not on the script in Python using the contextual phenomena but you can upload from your desktop pictures /images you want on Facebook.

LiveUpload for Facebook and YouTube

LiveUpload to Facebook and YouTube are two programs in order to upload images from your PC and/or video on Facebook and YouTube.

More precisely LiveUpload to Facebook and YouTube are two LiveUpload to plugin (Open Source) for Windows Live Photo Gallery and / or Windows Live Movie Maker, unfortunately, can only run on Windows Vista and Windows 7, which are perfectly integrated with the system will not create program icons Add to upload their favorite photo album or video on Facebook and YouTube.

This is the biggest honor of LiveUpload to Facebook and YouTube to LiveUpload, seamless integration with the operating system and also the small size you do not even notice.

LiveUpload to Facebook and YouTube to be a bit like the plugin for Firefox, increase the potential but do not even notice the most part, unlike the plugin for firefox that a little ‘weigh on memory and performance LiveUpload to Facebook and LiveUpload YouTube only to increase the power of Windows Live Photo Gallery and/or Windows Live Movie Maker.

There would also Sample Plug-in for Flickr which has the functionality to upload images to Flickr using Windows Live Photo Gallery, even if it works and works on Windows XP SP2 or later and Windows Vista is just an example made in Microsoft developer.

From here you can download instead of Facebook LiveUpload to and from here you can download YouTube LiveUpload to require Windows Live Photo Gallery and/or Windows Live Movie Maker, and apart from the plugin/Flickr example to need to have Windows Vista or Windows 7 .

How to Set Facebook Connect and Open Graph on a WordPress Blog?

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With recent news of Facebook and the new Open Graph has been updated the fantastic plugin Facebook Connector to version 3.0.3. In addition to features found in earlier versions there have been added to the Open Social Graph Plugins and integrated a number of widgets. We decided to create a new installation guide for newbie’s who are going to pimp out their blogs.

Install the plugin

First you have to install the plugin of course:

  • Go to plugin page and download the latest version.
  • Unzip the zip file and upload the folder to the path fbconnect/wp-content/plugins / on your blog.
  • From the home page of WordPress Plugins, activate the plugin.

Create a Facebook Application

Now, before you continue, you must create a real Facebook application to connect to the plugin:

Go to the Facebook Developers page, login if you are not authenticated. Click Apply New Settings button in the upper right. Enter the name for the application (the name of your site, for example). Accept the terms and continue. Your application has been created. Take a note of the values ​​of API key and Secret. Set the Icon, and possibly also the logo. Select English as a language. Set as developers of all profiles admin of your blog. Click on the Templates tab in the left column. Enter the URL of your site in Canvas Callback URL . Click on the Facebook Connect tab in the left column. Enter the URL of your site in the field Connect URL . Enter the domain in the Domain Base. Set your logo Facebook Connect. Save your changes.

Note: The image will be the icon that will appear in the bulletin board users when they publish their comments. The Facebook Connect Logo, however, is the image that appears in the window to connect to Facebook Connect.

Configure the plugin

Now you need to set some options:

  • Back in the admin panel of your blog.
  • Under the Facebook menu, click on the Main options.
  • Here enter the Facebook API Facebook API Key and Secret of you have noted before (respectively, the API key and secret).

Select the options you want (Like you can also insert the new button). In the field you can enter perms to request permission to ask the user the first time you login. Entering “email”, you can ask the user to give you their email, for example. Update the changes.

Feed menu templates you can customize the text instead for your comment on the user profile and you can decide to put the comments on Facebook, as disabling of WordPress.

Then going on the management of widgets of your blog, you’ll find lots of new boxes to be inserted. Are the respective plugins that allow greater integration with Facebook? Try them one by one and decide who can serve you.

There are no further changes to make. The new version of the plugin allows for great flexibility and customization options of the widget, so that it no longer needs to manually modify the plugin code.

Facebook Application Privacy Issues

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When you use Facebook you are very often being invited to play with video games already used by our contacts or use of information sharing systems. Almost always, this type of activity requires the installation of so-called applications.

To function, these applications draw on our personal information and, in many cases, can even send data or information to our contacts or post them on the bulletin board. Lose control of all installed applications and how they interact with our personal information is much easier than you think. In previous lessons, we have seen, for example, we have dozens of applications authorized to “write” news and status updates on our bulletin board. The general rule of common sense, even for Facebook applications, is the best criterion to follow to avoid losing control.

Upon installation of applications is in fact always served the type of access to our data we will be granted for the link to our profile, it is well to limit the number or not to install some stay there without too much thinking. Restrict access permissions, or delete operations are always possible, but forget to have it installed is definitely a risk that can be reduced dramatically simply by not adding them. The access point to the panel configuration of all installed applications can be reached by clicking the Settings tab in the Settings menu Applications.

Set the privacy for each application

In the configuration panel will automatically see a list of recently used applications. But beware, this is a partial list of all those who have access to our profile! To view the applications that in some way involved reading, sending or preparing in some way our personal information, we must choose the Show drop-down menu items added to the profile, license, authorized for publication and with additional permissions.

As we select one of these groups, we will see that the list will be updated automatically and in the table header which lists the names of all the selected applications, you will see the type of interaction allowed for that type of applications. In the case of applications with additional permissions, provided the activity is to publish recent activity (news of a line) on my dashboard.

To remove an application, just click on the symbol of “x” of the row of the table and confirm the voluntariness of the cancellation. Clicking on a profile, go to the official page of the application where we can read the details and features. Changing the type of access to our data is done by clicking the Edit settings instead. Depending on the type of application we can take action on the visibility of the type of application or additional permissions granted.

Unfortunately, because of viral games and applications on Facebook, or perhaps I should say for the ease with which you enable access to our profile, it is not uncommon to have to configure or delete hundreds of applications.

Do not forget about external applications privacy

There are situations where applications are added to our profile outside of Facebook. In the case of YouTube, for example, when we upload a new video we can choose to enable the AutoShare providing its publication of the notification of uploading a video on our Facebook Wall and beyond. Depending on the outside, once defined the possibilities of the service to interact with our profile we note that other applications have been drawn from the information sent from the authorized range.

Also in the case of YouTube, for example, our post, corresponding to upload videos, are also displayed in the news we received from our friends in their home page and in other applications such as standard of Facebook Photo, Videos and Notes.

To disable the linked sites and applications outside of Facebook, you must retrace or reverse the procedure used to activate the link from within the external application, or locate the application within the Facebook system configuration (see lesson above) and delete it or change its permissions.



Customize Your Facebook Profile with Photoshop

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A few weeks ago with the introduction of a new Facebook profile, we have witnessed a wave of creativity started by the French Alexandre Oudin, who has actually used the features of the layout of this page to customize your profile. In this article, let us see how we use Photoshop to create our own profile page, in fact, after the jump, you can download the PSD file for photoshop that allows you to easily create all the photographic material necessary for customization.

Set the privacy

First, change your privacy settings (if they have not already done so) so as to be the only one you can see photos that you have been tagged. This will be two advantages:

  • if you work, none of your colleagues will know that party where you have drunk up to stun
  • your page will show the flow of images in your profile, and not where you’ve been tagged

At this point, you can download the PSD file to be opened with Photoshop and start the next tutorial.

Cut out your photo

First, download or create a PSD file.

By opening the PSD file, you will discover that consists of a single level “laundry” in the parts of your profile photo and the flow of images. It looks like the file just open in Photoshop:

What you do is open your photo and insert it in this file, simply open it in Photoshop and drag from one window to another.

This will create a new layer in the layer stack and the new stock will be above the page layout view, drag the layer so that it is positioned below and you’ll see your photo appear only on the holes of the layout sections, namely, those that make up the profile photo and the flow of images.

You have to do now is select the “holes” on the level of the layout, using the Magic Wand tool, move to the level of photography and doing CTRL + C to copy the selection to a new file. Save all selections starting from the far right and names the file with consecutive numbers. At the end of the transaction on your PC you should have 6 files named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and so on until 6.jpg which is the larger picture of your profile.

Upload photos on Facebook

All you have to do is go on Facebook and change your profile picture, repeat this process for 6 times, how many files you created in the image sequence that will show you the numbers and you’re done.

And you thought as you customize your Facebook profile? Did you use any pictures as in this tutorial, or have preferred to use many different pictures? Let us know with a comment, and if you want, link your profile to show everyone how you customized.

All About Facebook Groups Functions

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Facebook provides a very advanced system for managing the participation or the creation in specific groups of people united by common interests. Taking up the first sections of this guide, we can say that in addition to the personal network of Facebook “horizontal” and can participate in a series of sub groups which, although not composed only friends but also and above all, by unknown, it should be considered very similar to the classic community of interest, those that we have defined as “vertical”.

Tools for managing our participation, stay up to date on what is happening inside a group, create new ones or to tap existing very well developed and it is not difficult to familiarize yourself with this system.

Joining a Facebook group

To access the group management just click the Applications menu (button at the bottom left of the page) homonym application. On the main page we see the group information is summarized by us or created where we registered, and those relating to our contacts.

The search for a group that wishes to enroll can be done in several ways. Besides making us be inspired by groups that are already members of our contacts, we can in fact be to browse the catalog of groups present, either search by keyword in the search Facebook generation then click the Groups tab. Trying, by definition, we can identify a number of groups to which we would like to know more details.

Clicking on the name of the group and we will find a description of additional information that will help us understand if it really is our interest. To subscribe just click on Subscribe to this group.

Browse archives directly from groups dedicated to the management groups (Menu path Applications / Groups / Browse Groups), allows you to browse the catalog of groups already based on other people based on issues of common interest. In this case the drop down menu and the various major categories shown on the right of the page with a few clicks allow you to highlight a list of groups you might like.

Before you join a group you should look at the type of communications that are exchanged by members already active. To do this you can visit the page describing the group and click on View discussion boards, links leading to a sort of online forum where members of the group communicate and discuss hot topics.

Create a Facebook group

For those not satisfied despite vast range of existing groups, creating a new group is fast and simple. It begins with a click Create a new group on the page

Complete the online form with all information to be viewed by other members of Facebook. The moment we decide to create a group acquires the rights of directors, after completing the basic information we have access to the configuration page of participation rights to the group. In particular, we have to decide whether the group will be visible to all, only to our contacts, or anyone except those directly invited by us.

As we can see the level of customization is very high, so much so that we can not only choose who participates in the group but who can administer and with what level of control. These features allow you to create micro-network of friends that are very useful to limit communication only to people who are genuinely interested.

Advices for Facebook Roller Coaster Kingdom Game Fans

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Interactive social games developed especially for and similar to it resources by such developers as Zynga and Playdome are very popular these days among those surfers who spend their lifetimes in the web chatting and sharing their ideas and wasting their time entertaining themselves with all available Facebook means. The most popular interactive games as Facebook Farmville Application occupy most of their lives and that is why no wonder developers are interested in creation more profound and interesting amusing games for such pro . The following article will serve as a certain review for the new but still rather popular among games – Zynga’s Roller Coaster Kingdom which a free application everyone can enjoy while playing it.

Below you will find assort of introduction of the Roller Coaster Kingdom game and few tips how to start playing successfully:

1) Roller Coaster Kingdom game or just RCK is very easy to find and install on your Facebook page. Check your News Feed and you will definitely find over these the posts like “Click to decorate your own roller coaster park” and so on which means you have got a sort of an invitation to join thousands of users who area already playing this game within Facebook all over the world. This link we give is also can help to find RCK easier – (just do not forget to login onto your Facebook account at first).

2) After registration a mascot of your park named as Wally will meet you and give you a sort of a brief review of all those game opportunities you can choose from just after the start. In general RCK gives a newbie about 15 thousands dollars to run his new park of attractions and the half of this sum you will have to spend in order to buy your first roller coaster for your new park. There are 3 options of choice are given in the very beginning so choose carefully because all of them gave different levels of excitement and capacity for passengers of your virtual amusement park.

3) After getting this tutorial from the friendly mascot you can start to create your own park using all available for a newbie means. Never forget that you won’t manage to have a huge park at first but then after providing your strategy of marketing and advertising your amusement park you can expect to expand it and buying new attractions like cooler roller coaster as well as shops and merry-go-rounds for kids. Rides and shops set beside each other will bring you virtual profits you can spend for improving your park even more.

4) Even if you are not logged onto this game application your park never stops to bring you profits, but level points will be taken into consideration and added only if you are physically in the game. And these level points are the only means to get bigger amusement park in RCK eventually. After all you will be offered to offer your virtual visitors booking some tours at your park because of high quality and popularity of your park. And that is when you will have to feel what is like to run your own park of attractions.

The Top Facebook Applications For Owners of Small Businesses

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Those serious people who use exclusively for fun and chatting can use this social community for developing of their small business as well by creating a and upgrading it with numerous applications which can help to rotate this page and logically can bring more clients to your business. Do not ignore the power of Facebook because by installing the following you will be able to advertise those unique services and products you can offer to millions people who use this network not for just for entertaining but for looking for certain small business in different niches in their area.

So here we go, prepare to see the list of the most useful Facebook applications for small business owners which may assist in branding, promoting and showing he favorable sides of your business to all your prospective clients on Facebook:

Facebook Poll

It is very significant for Facebook users to know their latest updates. This fact proves that your fan page’s friends and fans actually care about you and do not leave your Facebook page after spending only few second on it. Polls are used within the Facebook community in order to motivate people share their own content on your Facebook business page or because of proper building of your business basing on your customers’ preferences.

For this purpose you may use lots of applications but we advise to use for promotion of your small business fan page such app as Facebook Poll. This app turns the ordinary informal polls taken into the normal status updates into the official and interesting to take part in polls. This app is quite east to handle and install so you shouldn’t find any troubles with it from this point of view. You will choose for sure what questions to include to your poll, how to design it and make it whether public or private.

Promotions for Fan Pages

By means of this next app in our list of the best Facebook apps for small business owners we recommend to appeal to Promotions which can make and the n post branded contests, some coupons, sweepstakes and different giveaways in order to promote your business among those people who are ready to choose your niche of business but don’t know yet that they should choose you for this purpose. Customize, specify prizes and point the contest dates. Promote and advertise your business by means of the Facebook Promotions App.


Share and advertise your content on Facebook via NetworkedBlogs app because it has perfect social RSS and a set of tools and setting to turn your Facebook blog into real blog with new tab window, tags and other useful stuff only experienced bloggers know how to apply but still it doesn’t make this blog worse than this.

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